Increase Enrollment

LetsShare is designed to meet the requirements of Millennial parents who want to be involved in the daily lives of their children without compromising on the rest of their busy schedules. Today’s parents look for programs that offer a combination of care, safety, learning and fun, with the right mix of technology for todays’ world.

Streamline Workload

Teachers already have many responsibilities in the classroom including communications with families. LetsShare was conceived to meet engagement and information-sharing requirements through one user-friendly application, leaving more time for the care and education of the children.

Track Information and Help the Environment

Important metrics are tracked and recorded daily, improving the accuracy of information. The data is securely stored and easily retrievable for required administrative and legal monitoring. The process saves time and reduces costs, it also meets environmental standards by reducing paper usage.


The daily flow of information and communication is streamlined into one easy application and replaces the current mix of web, text, email and paper flows. Parents can receive alerts, newsletters and reminders.


Starting on the first day, parents are better acquainted with the class. They feel more involved and motivated to assist caregivers.   Parent-child bond strengthens with end-of-day chats supported by key events, pictures and even electronic rewards.


Without compromising on the daily workflow, teachers have an opportunity to engage by partnering and listening to parents, responding more efficiently to concerns regarding their children.  Connections and trust are built and endure through the years, also improving the school’s reputation.


Parents are able to get notifications and get access to the application on their smart devices or through a web browser no matter where they are, for example at the office or on the road.  Two-way communication between schools and parents is easy, efficient and secure.

Easy to Get Started

No new information technology systems must be purchased or installed . The solution can be used by anyone with a computer, a tablet or a smartphone.

Safe & Secure

School controls access and personal identifiers are never used.  Data is securely managed and stored on a highly secure cloud platform compatible with the DoD security impact Level 3-5.