Stay Connected

As parents you want to be close to your children but a very busy life sometimes gets in the way.  LetsShare allows information from your children’s centers and school to be shared anywhere you are. You will no longer have to manage multiple communication channels, making sure you get all of the important info right on time.

Feel Safe

You will receive information on bottle feedings, meals, naps and all of the fun activities that your child is participating in.  The system is personalized and secure so that you can be sure that only you will be included.  When concerns arise, you can send or receive a personalized message to caregivers directly.

Share Memories

Teachers can send photos and albums of precious moments to your family.  You can save and share them with extended family and friends.  Your child will be so happy chat with you after school.  Kids also receive fun electronic awards that will make them so proud of their performances and achievements!

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LetsShare meets the need of parents to stay in close touch with the daily lives of their children despite modern life stresses.

It can be used by anyone with a computer, a tablet or a smartphone to streamline communications, send and receive important updates, share digital imagery and even give children positive reinforcements.