As teachers and caregivers you know that the children’s growth and learning will be optimized with commitment to caring, authentic collaboration, meaningful communication and great programs. LetsShare reconciles all of these modern demands while easing administrative workload and paperwork.

Start the day by keeping track of attendance and in/out times in real-time, on your mobile device. Create individual reports easily and in no time with specific information on mealtimes, diaper changes, activities, and much more. Consolidate all of your communications including information, reminders and newsletters to parents for the entire class or to specific parents. And make sure to share images of all of the memorable times that you create and participate in.

It can be used by anyone with a computer, a tablet or a smartphone to streamline communications, send and receive important updates, share digital imagery and even give children positive reinforcements. 

In summary, take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Fast and easy log in from browsers and mobile apps
  • Simple user interface minimizing training
  • Easy one-step to communicate alerts, newsletters, reminders
  • Information to the whole class, a group or just one individual
  • Single photo and album sharing
  • Electronic stickers and rewards keeping kids motivated
  • Automatic reports
  • No more paper
  • Peace of mind for the parents
  • No interference with the daily tasks of educators

LetsShare also integrates pedagogical features in the form of electronic sticker rewards to reinforce great work and progress.  We hope that our twelve superheroes known as the Amazing Amigos will become the kids’ best friends. They represent a range of positive learning attitudes and behaviors that are very often directly connected to the teaching and programs of most childcare centers. As teachers and caregivers you can integrate them into your daily lessons, or just use them as a positive reinforcement tool communicated through the LetsShare software.   As a side benefit parents will automatically be made aware of the rewards which can also become great moments with their child.   Use the Amazing Amigos as you see fit to teach, reinforce and even engage parents much beyond the classroom.

Finally you have the right tool to save time and share precious moments with parents.