• LetsShare Team

    Our team shares a common philosophy centered around positive and involved parenting and the important role that parents have to play in the long-term education of their children. We promote multilingual and cultural diversity and live by the mantra to « think globally and act locally».

  • Philippe Beaulieu COO

    Philippe has many years of experience working with software companies innovating how communications and operations are performed in large and small companies alike. As a young teenager from one day to the next he moved with his family from Canada to the Ivory Coast in Africa. This life-changing event kick-started his passion for the world and needless to say he is very comfortable in culturally diverse and international environments. His career path includes living and working in Germany, France, Spain, Brazil and more recently California.  Philippe has two wonderful teenage daughters, who promised him that they would walk their dog Ansel everyday…and so Philippe walks a lot with Ansel 🙂

  • Heather Noreen, CEO

    Heather is a passionate US and European entrepreneur in the field of education. She recently worked with the Spanish Department of Education as a motivational speaker and methodology teacher while coordinating a bilingual school implementation. Despite this she always finds time for her 5 children.

  • Pierre-Olivier Bonte CTO

    Pierre-Olivier has had « multiple hat » experiences in software including marketing, sales and IT. Over the last 12 years he’s been an international project leader for a Fortune 500 company. Pierre manages complex projects with cross-cultural development teams for desktop, web or app-based end-user applications. He loves riding motorcycles and plays padel.

  • Marilyn Krinker Advisory Board

    After her B.A. and M.B.A. in Early Childhood, she became an Executive director of a corporate childcare center. During that time she was very active as an adjunct professor for local colleges, a motivational speaker, a teacher trainer and an accreditor of Early Childhood programs. In her spare time, she’s traveled around the world to all 7 continents.

  • Rand Singer, Advisory Board

    Rand is Arts Director and one of the great creative minds at Lakeshore Learning, the leader in innovative educational materials sparking young imaginations. He is a marketing expert focused on traditional and digital market places aimed at educators and parents. He also has been an active leader of the K-6 YMCA Indian Princess program in Southern California.

  • Dr. Jill Jenkins, Advisory Board

    Jill is an American school & child clinical psychologist with 25+ years of experience in consulting schools and parents, as well as assessing and treating children, in New York, London, Dubai and Barcelona. She is a frequent speaker at international schools and staunch advocate for children’s rights. Jill enjoys reading books, fitness training and hiking in her free time. Her favorite pastime is just “being” with loved ones.